Bajaj Ecolux 2U CDL CFL – (5-Watt and Pack of 4) At Rs.396

Deal Price:396

Product Details

  • Safer-no liquid mercury inside
  • Mercury less than 4mg
  • Eco-friendly due to less mercury
  • Reduced carbon foot print due to longer life

Product Description Bajaj Ecolux 2U CDL CFL – (5-Watt and Pack of 4)

From the Manufacturer

Bajaj Ecolux 2U CDL CFL is a set of four compact fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs have wattage of 5 watts each. One of the main benefits of this set of bulbs is that it has less than 4 mg of mercury per bulb. This makes such bulbs very safe to use.

Apart from being ideal for your well being, these Bajaj Ecolux CFL bulbs contain no liquid mercury inside them. They also have a reduced carbon footprint due to their relatively longer life as compared to other compact fluorescent bulbs.

This set contains four bulbs that can be used all over your home to significantly reduce your consumption of electricity. These bulbs give out soft white light and have white holders. They also have a sleek finish that helps add style to wherever they are used.

Product Features
  • Contain no liquid mercury inside.
  • Are long lasting.
  • Consume 5 watts.
  • Contain less than 4 mg of mercury per bulb.