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Spot the Next Economics Bubble

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You might be thinking that your financial future is secure? Think again…The Great Depression of 1930 was the longest and deepest recession in history. Unemployment soared, incomes fell, banks failed, and wealth was destroyed. But how is that relevant today? Unfortunately history has an uncanny knack of repeating itself and it is just about to do so. Free-market thinkers from the Austrian School of economics had warned us about the Great Depression, the dot-com bubble, and the US housing crisis of 2008. This book uses their theories to examine the structural weaknesses across the world that point towards a major economic meltdown. The next crisis is going to be like the Great Depression but only much worse. Read this book to understand what is ahead, how to see it coming, and what to do about it right now, while there’s still time to protect yourself. The financial fabric of the world is still looking fragile. The world has still not recovered from the mayhem of the US housing collapse of 2008, and the situation in Europe is getting grimmer. In an attempt to fix the economic problems of today, the governments across the world over have thrown everything at their economy but the kitchen sink. Almost every morning the financial dailies report more bad data. Inflation is rising. Incomes are falling. Governments across the world think that their economic policies can fix the problems in the world today. They are wrong but they don’t understand that they are wrong. And what is worse that they don’t understand that their actions are creating a far bigger problem for tomorrow. This book will also make you aware of why the major economies in the world are in serious trouble, and more importantly show you what you need to do to preserve your wealth, avoid losses, and insulate yourself against harm. Never before in our lifetime has our money, wealth, savings, and our entire financial future been in greater danger. The coming crisis is going to be like what we see in Europe today but only much worse.

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