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Product Description

From the Manufacturer

The Prestige Tru-Edge kitchen knife set is a handy set of tools to have in the kitchen for utility purposes. They are made with high quality, tempered steel, which is durable and strong, for the purpose of cutting different items. The serrations present along the edges of these knives provide extra sharpness and ensure that the task of cutting is easily accomplished.

Kitchen knives, in general, come in a variety of shapes and sizes that fit a range of requirements. The paring knife is a kind that is used to undertake delicate work. Commonly found with short blades, these kind of knives are used to peel fruits and vegetables.

Boning knives are used for picking out the bones in different kinds of meat. Depending on their utility, boning knives come with different blade widths and lengths. Narrow boning knives are used on ribs and chops, while wide boning knives are used for chicken and pork.

When it comes to multi-purpose all rounder knives, the chef’s knife is a good choice. These kind of knives can be used to cut vegetables, fruits, and different kinds of meat. They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes, which offer different kinds of utility. Usually, they come with a broad blade that curves upwards towards the tip. The Prestige 6 piece knife set offers a variety of knives that can be used for different kinds of purposes, and the contour moulded handles on these knives provide a firm grip.

Product Features.
  • Knives are made with tempered steel.
  • Handles are in black.
  • A wooden block is provided for storage.
  • High quality serrations give extra sharpness.
  • Contour moulded handles provide a firm grip.

 Product Description

Perfect for Your Kitchen

Prestige Tru Edge kitchen knife set is a must-have for every home kitchen. Made of superior-quality steel, the knives in this set are not only strong, but also durable. Whether you wish to chop, slice or dice vegetables, this Prestige kitchen knife set will let you prepare your everyday meals with utmost ease. Thanks to the high-definition serrations on the edges of these knives, they offer extra sharpness and will let you quickly and effortlessly complete all your cutting tasks. Their contour moulded handles always provide a firm grip.

Designed to Meet a Variety of Purposes

Featuring six knives in various shapes and sizes, the Tru Edge knife set will make a great accessory for your kitchen. Cut through the hard crust on a loaf, chop meat and dice vegetables using the knives in this set that can be used for different cutting tasks. The wooden block of this knife set ensures easy storage. Use a wooden cutting blade to retain the fine edge of these knives and to allow to them to last for long. Buy the 6 piece Tru Edge knife set to keep your kitchen well-equipped at all times.

  • Brand: Prestige
  • Includes: Six pieces in different sizes
  • Made of high-quality steel
  • Superior serrations for added sharpness
  • Moulded handles for firm grip

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