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Indian Writing : Popular Fiction (Set Of 4 books) (Indian Writing) is a set of four fictions by Indian writers. All the four books have been quite popular amongst the young readers.

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The first book Let’s Love …From A Distance is written by Smita Kaushik and Utkarsh Roy. Smita became a writer by chance and has continued writing. Utkarsh has co-authored the book with its ideas. The second book Mom and I Love A Terrorist has been written by Leema Dhar, a young author and a humanities student from Allahabad University. Her first book Till We Meet Again was a national bestseller. The third book Tales From Modern India is written by the students of Delhi University and edited by Azharuddin. The fourth book Emosional Atyachar is written by Ankit Uttam, who took to writing for stress busting.

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The stories of the four books vary in their essence. Let’s Love…From A Distance is about relationships between young couples in today’s world. Their relationships are based on today’s concepts of living together without a legal marriage, married and yet living away from each other with communication only through internet, mails, skype, and ecards. The book deals in these relationships with a hope that they would last long. Mom And I Love A Terrorist is about a 19 year old girl who lives with her single mom. A black stranger walks into their life, whom her mothers calls a friend, and the girl finds out a relationship between them. This girl through the book tries to unveil questions about her father, about the black stranger and her mother, and about her own emotions for the boat maker or her student friend; it is a romantic story with lot of suspense built in. Tales From Modern India is a collection of ten short stories dealing in sanity, insanity, understanding of right and wrong, and inquiry of the self. Emosional Atyachar is a story about romance, revenge, conspiracy of life, backstabbing a friend, and a perfect murder. A story of romance with a chilling thriller.

This first edition of Indian Writing : Popular Fiction (Set Of 4 books) (Indian Writing) was published by General Press in 2014. It is available in paperback.

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