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Product Description for Fenugreen – Magic Paper

Keep your produce fresh, naturally! Just drop ONE small FreshPaper sheet into an entire fridge drawer, fruit bowl, salad bag or berry carton — made with organic spices that keep fruits & veggies fresh for up to 2-4x longer! FreshPaper is a patented & award-winning innovation that has been featured by The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, NPR, The Today Show, Real Simple, Oprah, Mother Nature Network, and Forbes since its launch at a farmer’s market. FreshPaper was recently awarded the biennial INDEX: Design to Improve Life Award, the world’s largest prize in design (previously awarded to Tesla and Apple!) Made in the USA with organic spices. Biodegradable, compostable, & recyclable. 8 sheets = approximately 1-2 month’s supply.

  • Natural sheets keep fruits and veggies fresher, up to 2 to 4 times longer
  • Save money by reducing food waste
  • Simply place one FreshPaper sheet into your fridge drawer, salad bag, fruit bowl, berry carton, or on your countertop
  • Like a dryer sheet for produce – works without being in direct contact with produce
  • Patented and proudly made in the USA from edible organic spices that reduce spoilage
  • Pack contains 8 disposable, recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable sheets
  • 8 sheets = approximately 1-2 month’s supply

From the Manufacturer

Let’s Get Fresh.

FreshPaper sheets are infused with organic spices that naturally keep fruits & veggies fresh –inhibiting bacterial and fungal growth, and the enzymes that cause degradation. So, say good-bye to fuzzy berries. Limp, wilted greens? No more! FreshPaper really works, and it’s all natural, too!

Join The Movement.

When our Founder Kavita invented FreshPaper as part of her middle-school science project, she never imagined that her simple innovation would one day be used by farmers and families around the world, and have a chance to change the food system. Join us, as we take on global food waste, starting in your kitchen!

Saves Money & Reduces Waste Naturally! Made with organic spices that naturally keep food fresh.

So Easy to Use. Simply keep a sheet anywhere you store produce – no wrapping needed!

Mission Driven. Made in USA, compostable & recyclable. And taking on global food waste!

Simply Ingenious.

​​​Fenugreen is addressing the enormous, yet often overlooked, global challenge of food spoilage with a ​simple innovation.

About the Creator
Creator Q & A

Describe your product in 3 words.

Simple, Sustainable, Innovative.

Where did you get the inspiration for your product?

For me, a moment of curiosity while visiting my grandmother in middle school led to a discovery that would change my life. When I was 12 years old, I was visiting my grandmother in India and accidentally drank some unfiltered tap water. I started to panic, worried that I would get sick. My grandma calmly gave me a “spice tea” that was a home remedy that had been used in our family for generations.

After I didn’t get sick, I became curious about how and why it might have worked. When I got home to the US, I started a middle school science project to learn more — adding the spices to jars of dirty pond water! I began to observe that the jars with spices weren’t growing mold, and a trip to the grocery store inspired me to to start dipping strawberries in my spice mixture. After spending most of my high school years as the weird kid rotting strawberries in my garage, I developed and patented FreshPaper, which is infused with spices that naturally inhibit bacterial and fungal growth.

Today, I often wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t tried my grandma’s mixture, or if I had dismissed it as too simple. I’ve come to realize that FreshPaper is powerful precisely because it’s so simple – it can be used by anyone, in any part of the world, and can help take on global food waste and hunger.

What differentiates your product from similar products out there?

FreshPaper is a sheet of paper infused with organic spices – no zeolite, no sodium permanganate, no charcoal, and absolutely no plastic! ​​Using FreshPaper is hassle-free – there are no refills or bags to wash.

FreshPaper is also remarkably effective, keeping produce fresh 2-4x longer due to its unique mechanism of action. FreshPaper’s organic ingredients inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, as well as enzymes that cause over-ripening.

Originally designed for the developing world, FreshPaper is low-cost, simple to use, and good for the Earth. (FreshPaper is recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.) Every sheet purchased helps get FreshPaper to those who need it most!

Tell us about the best and most challenging parts of the creation process.

For years, I had tried and failed to get FreshPaper to the developing world – to places like my grandmother’s village in India. I didn’t realize how hard it could be to give something away for free! I started to think that FreshPaper was simply a child’s idea with no real-world applications, and I gave up.

Although as a child, I believed that I had discovered something that could help millions and take on global hunger, as I grew up, my mind started to tell me that I was not enough to bring my invention to the world. Like many young women, I mentally replayed all of the times I was told that I needed more experience, more degrees, more money, more than I had and more than I was.

But over the years, I couldn’t stop thinking about FreshPaper. So one Sunday morning, almost in an act of surrender, I took FreshPaper to my local farmer’s market. The greatest challenge was to take that first step, to overcome my own fears and doubts to share my idea with the world. I could never have imagined what would happen next: that a grassroots movement would rise up to take FreshPaper far beyond that farmer’s market to people like Oprah and Richard Branson, that hard work guided by faith and intuition mattered more than a business plan, and that FreshPaper would one day be used by farmers and families across the globe.

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