Famous Five Complete Boxset (Set of 21 Books) At Rs. 1995

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Famous Five Complete Boxset


 The Set Includes the Following Tittles

1) The Famous Five Five are Together Again
2) The Famous Five Five have Mystery To Solve
3) The Famous Five Fivego To Demon Rocks
4) The Famous Five Five Finniston Farm
5) The Famuos Five Five Get Into A Fix
6) The Famous Five Five Go To Billycock Hill
7) The Famous Five Five  On A Secret Trail
8) The Famous Five Five  Have Plenty Of Fun
9) The Famous Five  Five  Go To Mystery Moor
10) The Famous Five  Five Go Down To The Sea
11) The Famous Five Five  Have A Wonderful Time
12) The Famous Five Five  On A Hike Together
13) The Famous Five Five Fail Into Adventure
14) The Famous Five Five  Get Into Trouble
15) The Famous Five Five  Go Off To Camp
16) The Famous Five Five  on Kirrin Island Again
17) The Famous Five Five Go off in A Caravan
18) The Famous Five Five Go To Smugglers Top
19) The Famous Five Five Run Away Together
20) The Famous Five Five Go Adventuring Again
21) The Famous Five Five On A Treasure Island


Famous Five 21 copy box set INDIA (English) (Paperback)

Famous Five Complete Boxset (Set Of 21 Books) contains all the adventures of The Famous Five. This set is the perfect gift for children.

Summary Of The Book

Famous Five Complete Boxset (Set Of 21 Books) is a collection of twenty one novels that complete The Famous Five series.

The Famous Five is a group of children who go on various adventures, and help catch criminals. The leader of this group is Julian, a 12 year old boy who is kind, intelligent, and responsible. His brother Dick, 11, is funny and kind. They have a sister Anne, who is 10, and the youngest in the group. Georgina, who insists on being called George, is a cousin of these siblings. She is a tomboy, and has a loyal and loving dog named Timmy.

One of the books in Famous Five Complete Boxset (Set Of 21 Books) is Five on a Treasure Island. It was published in 1942, and shows how the Five try to find a treasure that has disappeared from a shipwreck. In Five Get Into A Fix, the kids enjoy their holidays in the snow, but then see a haunted face from an abandoned house. In Five Are Together Again, the kids enjoy camping at a scientist’s backyard, when a thief comes in and steals top secret research papers. The Five, for one last time, try to crack open the case.

The other books in this boxset include Five Go To Demon Rocks, Go To Mystery Moor, Five Go Off To Camp, Five Go off in A Caravan, and Five Run Away Together.

By the end of 1953, The Famous Five stories had sold over 6 million copies. It is one of the highest selling children’s series ever. Even now, two million books are sold annually, taking the number to more than a hundred million books in total. The author had initially planned to write six to eight stories in the series. However, the spectacular success of The Famous Five, encouraged her to write twenty one books.

About Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton, born in 1897, was an English author. She sometimes wrote under the pseudonym Mary Pollock.

She is said to have written approximately eight hundred books, including Book of Brownies, Child Whispers, and The Enchanted Wood.

The author joined the National Froebel Union teacher training course at the Ipswich school in 1916, after which she joined the Bickley Park School as a teacher. In the 1920s, Blyton’s works started to get published in Teacher’s World, The Londoner, and The Bystander. Her books have been translated into ninety languages, and have sold over 600 million copies. She passed away in 1968. Blyton was voted Britain’s best loved author at the 2008 Costa Book Awards. She was on the list of Top Ten authors, and was voted as the most popular writer by 10,000 children in 1982.

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