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Highlights of Cera Cerena Faucet Cleaner

  • Effective in removing the lime scaling from taps, lime scale and other dispositions caused by hard water
  • Unlike conventional scale removers Cerena protects the faucets
  • Just smear and wipe after 5 seconds to get back the shine on your faucet


After regular use, sink faucets can collect a lot of unwanted minerals. It not only gives it a gross look but also makes it appear unwashed. Scrubbing it with water is not enough to make it look shinier. What you need it this Cera Cerena faucet cleaner! It is efficient cleaning faucets without compromising on its finish.As Good As New
It is extremely effective in removing lime scaling and mineral depositions produced by hard water on faucets and taps. Unlike conventional faucet cleaners, this efficient faucet cleaner not only cleans the faucets but also protects it, thus making it look as good as new.Easy To Use
Bathroom faucets develop a dull and ugly exterior after a certain period of time. This reliable faucet cleaner makes the process of cleaning hassle-free and simple. All you have to do is smear some cleaner on the surface of the faucet and wipe it after a few seconds. Having a quantity of 200 ml, this faucet cleaner can be used for a long time.

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