Health and personal care

Colgate Plax Antibacterial Mouthwash 3 x 250 ml At Rs.241

Deal Price.: Rs.241 M.R.P.: Rs.360 Discount: Rs.119   (33%OFF)

MuscleBlaze Super Gainer XXL, 3Kg, Choco Peanut At Rs.1748

Deal Price.:Rs.1748 M.R.P.: Rs.2949 Discount: Rs.1201   (40%OFF)

Dermaroller Anti Aging Scar Removal Treatments Facial Kit At Rs.269

Deal Price.: Rs.269 M.R.P.: Rs.999 Discount: Rs.730   (73%OFF)

Raw Natural Unprocessed Neem , Acacia & Tulsi Honey At Rs.1131

Deal Price.: Rs.1131 M.R.P.: Rs.1380 Discount:Rs.249 (18%OFF)

Ayurvedic Tulsi Herbal Immunity Building Tea At Rs.299

Deal Price.: Rs.299 M.R.P.: Rs.499 Discount:Rs.200  (40%OFF)

Organic Rose Flower Caffeine Free Herbal Tea 100g At Rs.399

Deal Price.: Rs.399 M.R.P.: Rs.499 Discount:Rs.100  (20%OFF)

Automatic Portable Mini Sanitizer Spray Machine At Rs.365

Deal Price.: Rs.365 M.R.P.: Rs.999 Discount:Rs.634   (63%OFF)

Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor At Rs.1799

Deal Price.:Rs.1799 M.R.P.: Rs.2340 Discount: Rs.541 (23%OFF)

Strauss Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener At Rs.259

Deal Price.:Rs.259 M.R.P.: Rs.549 Discount: Rs.290  (53%OFF)

Ultra-Lite Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale At Rs.999

Deal Price.: Rs.999 M.R.P.: Rs.2100 Discount: Rs.1101 (52%OFF)

Herbal Multivitamin Gummies With 16 Vitamins At Rs.427

Deal Price.:Rs.427 M.R.P.: Rs.2499 Discount: Rs.2080   (83%OFF)

HealthViva Apple Cider Vinegar – 500 ml At Rs.199

Deal Price.:Rs.199 M.R.P.: Rs.525 Discount:Rs.326   (62%OFF)

Quaker Oats, 1kg At Rs.156

Deal Price.:Rs.156 M.R.P.: Rs.190 Discount:Rs.34 (18%OFF)

Healthvit Fitness Weight Gainer, Chocolate Flavour 1.5kg At Rs.749

Deal Price.:Rs.749 M.R.P.: Rs.1200 Discount.: Rs.451  (38%OFF)

HealthVit E-VIT Vitamin E Skin Oil – 3*60 ml At Rs.199

Deal Price.:Rs.199 M.R.P.: Rs.300 Discount: Rs.101  (34%OFF)

Bubbles Natural Vegetable and Fruits Wash Liquid At Rs.279

Deal Price.:Rs.279 M.R.P.: Rs.399 Discount: Rs.120  (30%OFF)

69% Alcohol Based Sanitizer, Non-Sticky, 5Liters At Rs.799

Deal Price.:Rs.799 M.R.P.: Rs.2500 Discount: Rs.1701   (68%OFF)

Pulse Oxymeter Oxygard At Rs.699

Deal Price.:Rs.699 M.R.P.: Rs.1099 Discount:Rs.400  (36%OFF)

zeonely mart Transparent Hand Gloves 200Pcs At Rs.244

Deal Price.: Rs.244 M.R.P.: Rs. 300 Discount:Rs.56 (19%OFF)

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Foaming Face Wash At Rs.365

Deal Price.: Rs.365 M.R.P.: Rs.389 Discount: Rs.24 (6%OFF)