Health and personal care

DR VAKU Swadesi Pulse Oximeter Fingertip At Rs.1199

Deal Price: Rs.1199 Regular Price: Rs.1999 Discount: Rs.800 (40%OFF)

Quantum Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer At Rs.999

Deal Price: Rs.999 Regular Price: Rs.3499 Discount: Rs.2500 (71%OFF)

PMG Fitness Hex Dumbbell Pack of 2 At Rs.1099

Deal Price: Rs.1099 Regular Price: Rs.4999 Discount: Rs.3900 (78%OFF)

Pulse Fingertip Blood Oxygen Monitor At Rs.299

Deal Price: Rs.299 Regular Price: Rs.799 Discount: Rs.500  (63%OFF)

3 Ply Disposable Surgical Face Mask At Rs.312

Deal Price: Rs.312 Regular Price: Rs.999 Discount: Rs.686 (72%OFF)

NETBOON Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser At Rs.4491

Deal Price: Rs.4491 Regular Price: Rs.11000 Discount: Rs.6509 (59%OFF)

HealthSense Nano-Cure Steamer Inhaler Vaporizer At Rs.2399

Deal Price.: Rs.2399

Hand Pro Nitrile Powder-free Hand Gloves 100 Pcs At Rs.675

Deal Price: Rs.675 Regular Price: Rs.999 Discount: Rs.324 (32%OFF)

VE-MARUSH 3 Layer Premium Cotton Kids Mask At Rs.369

Deal Price: Rs.369 Regular Price: Rs.599 Discount: Rs.230  (38%OFF)

Vitamin C antioxidant 1000 mg Natural Amla for Immunity At Rs.599

Deal Price.: Rs.599 M.R.P.: Rs.1140 Discount: Rs.541  (47%OFF)

Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder 907 g At Rs.2282

Deal Price: Rs.2282 Regular Price: Rs.3699 Discount: Rs.1417 (40%OFF)

Nivea Nourishing Lotion Body Milk 600ml At Rs.346

Deal Price.:Rs.346.70 M.R.P.: Rs.548 Discount:Rs.201.30  (37%OFF)

Enfamil A+ Stage 1: Infant Formula (0 to 6 months) At Rs.715

Deal Price.:Rs.715

So Sweet Stevia 400 Stevia Tablets At Rs.339

Deal Price.: Rs.339 M.R.P.: Rs.480 Discount:Rs.141  (29%OFF)

Tri-Activ Disinfectant Spray for Multi-Surfaces At Rs.229

Deal Price.:Rs.22960 M.R.P.: Rs. 318 Discount:Rs.89 (28%OFF)

Thermometer MADE in INDIA At Rs.999

Deal Price.: Rs.999 M.R.P.: Rs.2900 Discount: Rs.1901 (66%OFF)

Roasted Seeds Chia Pumpkin Sunflower and Flax At Rs.539

Deal Price.: Rs.539 M.R.P.: Rs.1015 Discount: Rs.476 (47%OFF)

3 In 1 Steam Vaporizer Nose Steamer Cough Steamer At Rs.375

Deal Price.:Rs.375 M.R.P.: Rs.650 Discount.Rs.275 (42%OFF)

3in1 Combo Oximeter, Thermometer & Face Mask At Rs.1954

Deal Price.:Rs.1954 M.R.P.: Rs.6999 Discount: Rs.5045 (72%OFF)

Reusable Safety Face Shield, 5 Pcs At Rs.70

Deal Price.:Rs.70 M.R.P.: Rs.100 Discount:Rs.30 (30%OFF)