Mens Footwear

Adidas Men’s Drogo M Running Shoes At Rs.972

Deal Price.:Rs.972 M.R.P.: Rs.2699 Discount:Rs.1727 (70%OFF)

PARAGON Men’s Flip-Flops At Rs.125

Deal Price.:Rs.125 M.R.P.: Rs.139 Discount: Rs.14   (10%OFF)

Puma sale Flat 40% OFF ON Mens Footwear

Deal Price.:Rs.1679 M.R.P.: Rs.2799 Discount: Rs.1120  (40%OFF)

Vetro Power Footwear Protection Shoe Spray At Rs.800

Deal Price.:Rs.800 M.R.P.: Rs.1000 Discount: Rs.200 (20%OFF)

British Knights Shoes Flat 50% OFF from Amazon.in

Deal Price.:Rs.1249 M.R.P.: Rs.2499 Discount:Rs.1250 (50%OFF)

Puma Unisex Sneakers At Rs.999

Deal Price.:Rs.999 M.R.P.: Rs.2499 Discount:Rs.1500 (60%OFF)

Men’s Rubber Flip-Flops and House Slippers At Rs.657

Deal Price.:Rs.657 M.R.P.: Rs.699 Discount:Rs.42 (6%OFF)

Super Men Canvas Blue Combo Pack of 3 Loafers & Moccasins At Rs.697

Deal Price.:Rs.697 M.R.P.: Rs.1998 Discount:Rs.1301 (65%OFF)

Nivia Caribbean Cricket Shoes At Rs.889

Deal Price.:Rs.889 M.R.P.: Rs.1199 Discount:Rs.310 (26%OFF)

Combo of Lotto Men’s Sandal SectionGT7151 with Lotto Drive Slipper At Rs.599

Deal Price.:Rs.599 M.R.P.: Rs.1498 Discount:Rs.899 (60%OFF)

Pede Milan 644 Suede Leather Casual shoes for Men At Rs.399

Deal Price.:Rs.399 M.R.P.: Rs.499 Discount:Rs.100 (20%OFF)

Lotto Men’s Sandal Section Grey black At Rs.425

Deal Price.:Rs.425 M.R.P.: Rs.849 Discount:Rs.424 (50%OFF)

Upto 60% Off on Fila starts At Rs.269

Deal Price.:Rs.639 M.R.P.: Rs.1599 Discount:Rs.959 (60%OFF)

Footin Men’s Formal Shoes At Rs.449

Deal Price.:Rs.449 M.R.P.: Rs.1499 Discount:Rs.1050 (70%OFF)

Globalite Men’s Casual Shoes Crux Brown At Rs.299

Deal Price.:Rs.299 M.R.P.: Rs.499 Discount.:Rs.200 (40%OFF)

Puma Footwear Minimum 50% off to 70% off

Deal Price.:Rs.239 M.R.P.: Rs.799 Discount:Rs.560 (70%OFF)

Puma Mens Faas Sandal Sandals and Floaters At Rs.999

Deal Price.:Rs.999 M.R.P.: Rs.2499 Discount:Rs.1500 (60%OFF)

Globalite Men’s Canvas sneake At Rs.299

Deal Price.:Rs.299 M.R.P.: Rs.499 Discount:Rs.100 (20%OFF)

Lotto Men’s Sandals Musketeers At Rs.499

Deal Price.:Rs.499 M.R.P.: Rs.999 Discount:Rs.500 (50%OFF)

Reebok United Runner IV LP White & Blue Running Shoes At Rs.2474

Deal Price.:Rs.2474 M.R.P.: Rs.3299 Discount:Rs.825 (25%OFF)